What is Talent Device ?

Talent device was born in 2014 and it has (@ least for the moment) just an employee: me :-)
I'm an electronics addicted... a hardware and software designer with a huge passion for domotics.

So, as fun as playing a game, I start developing a simple electronic board that, once connected with a Raspberri_pi, could manage 6 relay outputs and 6 optocoupled (lightning resistant) inputs. This was hardware stuffs.

Playing with SW, I develop a python framework able to:

  • manage outputs directly through an Android app (to turn on/off something with the phone/tablet as shown in above video)
  • automatically detect system events and manage outputs with a very simple sintax like:

    if I["KITCHEN1_SWITCH"]:
      logevt "Turn on light"

    if I["BEDROOM_TOO_HOT"]:
      logevt "Activate fan"

    if I["ALARM"]:
      logevt "Alarm activation"
      SET_TIMER(O,"ALARM", 20)
      SEND(sms, "+XXxxXXXxxxX", "There's a burglar!")
      SEND(email, "domotic_control@myhouse.com", "There's a burglar!")

    if I["DOORBEL"]:
      logevt "Doorbell"
      PUSH_NOTIFICATION(DEV, "USER_x", CAMJPG_obj, "Someone outside!")

Why am I here ?

I'm here to search tech addicted that, like me believe that a man is free when able to express his creativity

Requested skills are:

  • programming (better if python, jscript & jquery)
  • minimum hardware understanding
  • tech addiction
  • self motivation [the last but not least !]

If you believe to have all of this qualities, write to me using the dedicated page in the menu.
We could try to join forces and create something extraordinary and profitable

subsequent activities:

  • Find collaborators (it's mine task :-) )
  • New hardware and software features.
  • New hardware devices.
  • Algorithm definition through a graphical drag/drop Web interface

Some pics..